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Leaders in comprehensive firearms training

National Safety Center offers the best available training by utilizing our in-house NRA certified instructors. All our staff has years of experience in firearm safety and operations.

Our training incorporates use of the highest quality training aids, multiple types of weapons, visual aids and material.

Safety starts with proper attitude and knowledge to support your desired goals. Our instructors and training staff will assure that you are familiar with all aspects of safely handling your firearm.


Concealed Carry Certification


NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course


Group or Private Classes


Home Defense situations


Refresher Course


Advanced Pistol Training


Firearm selection and sales

Our mission is to improve public safety by providing responsible citizens with the highest level of training, knowledge and skills.

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“This was the best training I had in a long while. I never thought I will own a firearm… Our instructor was patient, detailed and helped me build the confidence I needed. Highly recommend to anyone that needs pistol training”

Janet Moore

“I am an experienced shooter. Went with my fianc√© and assumed I will know all that will be covered. Boy was I wrong. The level of detail is beyond anything I thought. Instructor was very Knowledgeable. I will be back for your advanced training”


“Went in to buy a firearm, they have a sales consultant that helped me understand my needs and provided great advice on the firearm that is right for me. It was clear to me that they were not trying to push an expensive gun but focused on the pistol that will be right for me. “

Barbara W.



Find the firearm that is best for you. With over 15,000 products available for you to choose from, Visit our online store or our retail store and let us help you find the firearm that is best for you.

At the National Safety Center, we take pride in firearm safety and personal protection, as such, we offer a variety of training options


Concealed Carry Certification

Our CCW training meets the training required for the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. Our concealed weapons class includes classroom and live fire portion and exceeds the state requirements.

NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course

Our NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course far exceeds Concealed Carry requirements set by the State of Florida.

Our class provides the knowledge and training to make you comfortable with concealed carry of any weapon including firearms. Our concealed carry classes are taught by certified NRA instructors with years of experience. In this class we teach firearm, ammunition, gun handling, aiming techniques and much more.

Private Class

Prefer to take a class at home or as a private group of employees in the office. We can support that. 

Just send us an email and we will work on a date and best class to address your needs.

Home Defense situations

Our Unique scenario based class with help you better prepare for the potential event in which you will need to actually protect your home.

Refresher Course

Took training a while ago but feel the need to take additional training to brush up some skills and knowledge. National Safety Center is the best place to provide you with group or personal refresher course that will assure that you are comfortable with a firearm at home.

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