Permitless Carry in Florida

Comes into effect July 1st, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 543, allowing permitless carry in Florida for individuals who are legally able to possess a firearm under state and federal law. The new law expands the ability of individuals to carry a firearm without a permit and eliminates the requirement for a concealed carry permit. However, individuals who wish to obtain a concealed carry permit may still do so, and certain benefits come with having one.


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The new law does not remove all restrictions on carrying firearms. Individuals carrying a firearm must still meet certain criteria, including being at least 21 years old and having a valid ID. Some places, such as schools, airports, and government buildings, remain off-limits for firearms.

One significant change with permitless carry is that individuals can now carry firearms in their vehicles without a permit, as long as they meet the necessary criteria. The law takes effect in July, and individuals should ensure they are trained in firearm safety and knowledgeable about the laws regarding carrying firearms in Florida.

The signing of the bill has sparked both praise and criticism, with supporters claiming that it upholds Second Amendment rights and opponents expressing concerns over safety implications. However, supporters argue that the new law will not make Florida less safe, as it does not change who can possess a firearm, only how it can be carried.

Is there still any benefit in getting a FL concealed carry?

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Even with permitless carry in Florida, there are still benefits to obtaining a concealed carry license. For example, individuals with a concealed carry license can carry their firearms in more places, including certain private businesses and public areas where firearms are not allowed for those without a permit. Additionally, having a concealed carry license can help expedite the process of purchasing firearms and can also serve as proof of eligibility to purchase firearms.

Furthermore, having a concealed carry license may offer legal protection for individuals who use their firearms in self-defense situations. In such cases, individuals with a concealed carry license may be seen as more responsible and law-abiding than those without a permit. Additionally, individuals with a concealed carry license are often provided with additional training and education on firearm safety and self-defense, which can be valuable knowledge for anyone who chooses to carry a firearm.

However, it’s important to note that obtaining a concealed carry license is not necessary for those who choose to carry a firearm in accordance with permitless carry. Ultimately, the decision to obtain a concealed carry license is a personal one that depends on individual circumstances and preferences.

What do we think of the new permitless carry law?

At the National Safety Center, we strongly believe that the passing of House Bill 543 and permitless carry in Florida does not change the importance of firearm safety and training. While it is now legal for individuals to carry firearms without a permit in certain circumstances, we encourage everyone to still seek out proper training and education on firearm safety, handling, and self-defense.

Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility, and individuals must take steps to ensure they are prepared to do so safely and effectively. This means obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to handle a firearm properly, including understanding the basics of firearm safety, learning how to use and maintain the firearm, and understanding the legal and ethical implications of using a firearm in self-defense.

Furthermore, we believe that obtaining proper training and education can help individuals make informed decisions about when and how to use a firearm, and can also help prevent accidents and injuries. While permitless carry may provide more freedom for individuals to carry firearms, it does not eliminate the need for proper education and training.

We believe that the decision to carry a firearm is a personal one, and that individuals should have the right to do so if they choose. However, we also believe that with that right comes the responsibility to ensure that firearms are handled safely and responsibly. At the National Safety Center, we remain committed to promoting responsible firearm ownership and providing resources to help individuals become educated and prepared firearm owners.

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