You’re Not Alone, Half the People Around You May Own a Firearm

Guns have been a hot topic in the United States for decades. With mass shootings, political debates, and controversial laws, it’s a subject that can stir up emotions and opinions. However, one fact remains undeniable: there are a lot of guns in America. In fact, there are more guns than people, with estimates suggesting there are over 390 million firearms in the country.

Despite the widespread ownership of firearms, it’s not a topic that many people like to discuss. There’s a fear of being judged or criticized for owning a gun, which can lead to people keeping quiet about their ownership. However, the truth is that you’re not alone if you own a firearm. In fact, there’s a high probability that half the people around you own a firearm as well.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 30% of American adults personally own a gun. This number has remained relatively stable over the past few decades, with only slight variations. However, what’s interesting is that the number of women who own guns is growing fast. In 2017, a survey by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that 47% of women reported owning a firearm, up from 13% in 2005.

Gun owners come from different backgrounds and political stances. The idea that all gun owners are conservative, Republican, or rural is a common misconception. In reality, gun owners come from all walks of life, including Democrats, Independents, urban dwellers, and people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Some own guns for hunting or recreation, while others own them for self-defense.

Despite the growing number of gun owners, there’s still a lot of misinformation and fear surrounding firearms. Many people believe that owning a gun is dangerous and increases the risk of violence. However, studies have shown that the majority of gun owners are responsible and law-abiding citizens who use their firearms for legal and safe purposes.

A study published in PubMed shows that gun ownership among women has increased in recent years. In 2018, 12% of women and 33.3% of men in the U.S. personally owned guns. In 2022, these numbers had risen to 21% of women and 46% of men owning a firearm, according to Statista.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the U.S. population was 332,140,037 in 2018 and had increased to 333,287,557 by 2022. The percentage of women in the population slightly decreased from 51.1% to 50.8% in this time. However, the percentage of adults over 21 years old increased slightly from 75.1% to 75.8%.

In 2018, the U.S. had a population of 249,485,228 adults over 21, which was 75.1% of the total population. In 2022, this number had increased to 252,530,000, which was 75.8% of the total population.

In 2018, the number of women who owned guns was 20,366,827 out of a female population of 169,723,559, while the number of men who owned guns was 54,084,687 out of a male population of 162,416,478. By 2022, these numbers had risen to 35,555,117 women and 75,429,640 men owning a firearm. This means that a total of 110,984,757 Americans owned a firearm in 2022, which is an increase of 49% from 74,451,514 gun owners in 2018. Notably, the most significant increase in gun ownership was amongst women, with a rise of 74.6% in less than four years.

The bottom line… if you own a firearm, you’re not alone. Chances are that many of the people around you own a gun as well. Gun ownership is a personal choice that should be respected, regardless of political stance, gender, or beliefs. It’s time to break the stigma and start having open and honest conversations about firearms in America.